Italy full playlist HQ channels for all devices [19.04.2018]

Here you can find a new channels list of Italy full playlist HQ channels for all devices with premium channels also with High quality.All streams are tested and working,if you can not play the links,please try other newer lists on our website.To start watching free iptv,first you need to install this m3u file,by going below clicking on the download button.

We suggest to install VLC Media Player to get better quality of channels on your computer or laptop,easy to use and free to download.If the channels stops,please use the Loop button on Vlc to avoid the problem with stucking or stopping.

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Download List manually
Link :


 #EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Supercalcio HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Sport Moto GP HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Sport 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Sport 24 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Sport 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Sport 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Calcio 6 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Calcio 5 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Calcio 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Calcio 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Calcio 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Calcio 2
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Calcio 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Sky Calcio 1
#EXTINF:-1,IT: San Marino Rtv Sport
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Premium Sport 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Premium Sport 1 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Premium Calcio 6 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Premium Calcio 5 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Premium Calcio 4 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Premium Calcio 3 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Premium Calcio 2 HD
#EXTINF:-1,IT: Premium Calcio 1 HD

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